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Shopmade Molding

…got to thinking about it, I realized I had everything I needed to make my own molding: a router, a router table, and a good selection of bits. In fact, I just recently purchased a 15-…. A straight edge will reduce the chance of kickback. A Choice of Router Bits When choosing router bits you might find it helpful to consider their character. Ogees, …

From: Workbench No. 239 (January 1997)
Page 32
Questions & Answers

… enough for insert to rest flush with the plate. Zero clearance hole Zero Clearance Router Table My router table plate has a hole that the bit sticks through. The trouble is, the hole…, you’re right. This is an unsafe situation. Many pros make custom inserts for every router bit in their shop. This is the best way to get the tightest possible fit…

From: Workbench No. 239 (January 1997)
Page 8
New Tools

…$19.95. For more information, fax Crescent at (800) 423-6175. Router Lineup Ryobi has introduced three new routers with 1/4" and 1/2" collets. The series begins with the 13/4-hp RE170… and 1/ " collets, and has 2 dual scales that are easy to read when using the router freehand or when it’s mounted in a table. Among its other features are a solid …

From: Workbench No. 240 (March 1997)
Page 58
Questions & Answers

… • Office Manager: Vicki Edwards 6 Workbench ❚ July/August 1998 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Router Table Miter Gauge “Omission” was Planned I really liked the Portable Router Table featured in the February issue. However, I wondered why you…

From: Workbench No. 248 (July 1998)
Page 6
Tips & Techniques

…, I installed a singlegang box and a 20-amp duplex receptacle on one front leg of the router table. I wired this outlet to a 20-amp switch mounted in a separate box. Then I wired a 3-…sends power to the outlet, and both the vacuum and router turn on — and off — at the same time. Having the router plug within easy reach is also handy, since I always …

From: Workbench No. 249 (September 1998)
Page 12
Drill Bit Basics

…junkie fever some folks get from a premium dado blade or a professional set of carbide-tipped router bits, but drill bits are as valuable a group of cutting tools as any you’…at least as complex as that of most saw blades and router bits. CUTTING TOOLS, WITH A TWIST Like saw blades and router bits, drill bits are cutting tools, designed to work best…

From: Workbench No. 253 (May 1999)
Page 52
Tools & Shop Gear

Router Tables in Two Sizes CMT USA, a company well-known for router bits, now offers router tables.The Industrio table has a laminate-covered MDF top and acrylic router … there are 1/2" PowerCollets available for some Porter-Cable, Makita, Bosch, and DeWalt routers, and more models will be introduced.The $50 price includes mounting hardware and a 1/…

From: Workbench No. 253 (May 1999)
Page 62
Tips & Techniques

…the edge of the top. I figured I could rout a clean edge using a trammel base on my router, but first needed to find the table’s center. I was able to do this using a …Can Makes Clean Router Base My shop is small and I don’t really have room for a freestanding router table. Like the one you showed in the Nov/Dec issue, my router table just clamped…

From: Workbench No. 257 (January 2000)
Page 16
Tools & Products

…small knob to adjust the height of the bit. It works fine until the router is installed in a router table.Then turning that small knob in close quarters becomes a real pain…style adjustment system makes changing the height of a table-mounted plunge router much more convenient. Depending on which router you own, expect to pay between $30-$35 for the …

From: Workbench No. 258 (March 2000)
Page 76
In The Shop

…tape.After setting the bit flush with the bottom of the dado, move the router back and forth to nibble away the waste. 72 WO R K B E N C H ■ J U LY | AU G U S T 2 0 0 0 JIG ASSEMBLY…or fence whether you’re cutting rabbets on a table saw or routing coves on a router table. That lets you concentrate on providing a steady feed rate so the profile …

From: Workbench No. 260 (July 2000)
Page 70
Dovetail Jig Basics

… a template often called a comb (Fig. 2). A bushing mounted to the router base follows the template’s fingers, guiding the router and bit, as shown in Figure 3. To use the jig…, carbide-tipped bits for the best performance. Guide Bushings: Router manufacturers make guide bushings for their routers, or you can pick up a universal base and guide …

From: Workbench No. 261 (September 2000)
Page 60
Quick Tune-Up Tips

…the template in position to make the finish cut with the router. Again speed is important. For variable speed routers, use the highest setting available. Be sure to use a … The solvent will actually wick back into the joint. Cut Custom-Fit Dadoes With A Router Most plywood you buy is slightly undersized. For example, material sold as 3/4"-thick …

From: Workbench No. 262 (November 2000)
Page 78

…used the program to draw three projects: a nightstand, an entertainment center, and a router table. It really couldn’t be simpler. A tutorial that’s included with the…at Radio Shack for $19.95. 22 WO R K B E N C H ■ M A R C H | A P R I L 2 0 0 1 Quick Poll: Router Results In honor of the plunge router review article on page 44, I decided to ask…

From: Workbench No. 264 (March 2001)
Page 20
Questions & Answers

… the wood, so sanding isn’t necessary. WO R K B E N C H ■ APRIL 8 2002 Edge Jointing on a Router Table Q A I need to edge glue several narrow boards together to make a wide… bevel on one end of the laminate will allow the workpiece to pass C L Router Fence Press laminate to fence. Workpiece !/2" Straight Bit Carpet Tape Plastic Laminate 1…

From: Workbench No. 270 (March 2002)
Page 8
Tips & Techniques

…). Charles Diebel Incline Village, NV Flush-Trim Router Jig Whenever I apply edgebanding to a plywood case, I use a router with a flush-trim bit to trim the … as handle Auxiliary base (!/4” x 7” x 24”) #8 x 1!/2” Fh woodscrew Attach auxiliary base to router with machine screws Hole for router bit Auxiliary base supports the router by spanning …

From: Workbench No. 273 (September 2002)
Page 10
Tools & Products

Router Table Bench Dog’s FTB 400 Complete Router Table System is easily one of the best values going for manufactured router tables. With a base price of right around $400, this router table costs about the same as many smaller, less complete router table packages…

From: Workbench No. 275 (January 2003)
Page 64
Tools & Products

… much more comfortable to control the large router. Another “fine” feature of this router is the depth setting system.When using the router handheld, gross adjustments are made by… within 1/64", are made by turning a knob on top of the router. Once mounted in a router table, a T-handle wrench allows for above-the-table height adjustments (see Photo…

From: Workbench No. 276 (March 2003)
Page 84
Questions & Answers

… letter. 4 WO R K B E N C H ■ AU G U S T 2 0 0 3 Questions & ANSWERS use a fixed-base router to TAKE THE PLUNGE Q A I only own a fixed-base router. Can I still use it to make plunge cuts? … blocks lets you make “plunge” cuts with a fixed-base router. Yes, you can. To keep the router from skidding out of control across the workpiece, you’ll …

From: Workbench No. 278 (August 2003)
Page 4
Reader's Workshop

… with a toggle clamp.With the workpiece secure, you simply slide the sled across the router table to make a safe, accurate cut. { The sliding jaws and clamp block adapt to a …and a toggle clamp hold-down. The base of the sled carries the workpiece across the router table.To get as much cutting capacity as possible, it’s made of 1/4"thick plywood, …

From: Workbench No. 278 (August 2003)
Page 16
Desk Clock

…. The trick is making these wings perfectly symmetrical — a task that’s accomplished with a router table, a template, and two common router bits. DESK art deco T 66 his holiday season, I’m building desk clocks that are…

From: Workbench No. 280 (December 2003)
Page 66