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Dewalt's 621 Router

…time to give the router some manners. Last year they introduced the DW621, a 2-hp plunge router with a dust-defying difference. At first glance, the new router looks faintly asymmetrical… can’t really exploit many of the features and the versatility of a plunge router in a router table setup. If you’re the kind of woodworker who measures progress by…

From: Workbench No. 240 (March 1997)
Page 39
Portable Router Table

… locked, the levers swing under the ends of the router table. Mounting the Router Though a truly concentric router mount isn’t critical for most work, I still aimed for …fitting technique to end the project — direct, accurate, and simple. Mounting the Router Base Note: Router sub-base removed. Use sub-base to confirm screw locations. 1#/4"hole…

From: Workbench No. 245 (January 1998)
Page 46
6 Router Table Fences

… accordingly. Despite its simplicity, this fence is perfectly capable of the most common router table operations. The base fence itself consists of an anodized aluminum angle bracket…; Small sub-faces. Verdict: Best reserved for Freud router tables. 800-334-4107 Freud’s SH-5 router table fence is a dead ringer for shaper fence …

From: Workbench No. 281 (February 2004)
Page 60
Router Workshop

…-top raised-panel door is not as complicated as it looks. A tablemounted router and three router bits make it achievable for any home woodworker. Stile Stile Raised Panel…used the Timberline #420-22). One more note. All of these router bits have 1/2" shanks, so you’ll need a router with a 1/2" collet. STILE BIT RAIL BIT PANEL-RAISING BIT SIZING…

From: Workbench No. 284 (August 2004)
Page 52
Which Router Should You Buy?

router is a must-have tool. You have your choice of three basic router designs: the standard router, the plunge router and the trim router. The standard router is the jackof-all-trades; the plunge router

From: Workbench No. 219 (September 1993)
Page 38
Router-Made Frames

…V4" ,-------+--mCOVE milled longer pieces, now is a good time to cut them to shorter lengths. ROUTER-CUT FRAMES For all but the mahogany cove frame, begin by cutting the… with a 3n6-ln. ogee bit and a 318-ln. rounding over bit In a router. Experiment with router bit eomblnatlons to ereote your own frame. 80 WORKBENCH, April-May 1993 l ~v7:· :(-!-…

From: Workbench No. 217 (May 1993)
Page 78
Router Jig For Dadoes

… changes, the router can suddenly swerve off course. Unfortunately, potential router users are scared off by the router's tendency to wander, and those who do use the router to cut … a guide fence for every new cut or 'cutter is a nuisance. The router guide confines the router base in' a channel so it stays on course. You simply align the guide…

From: Workbench No. 210 (March 1992)
Page 67
Clamshell Router Table

…you them larger. The openings must be a are a craftsman who works with a router good fit for router base and the auxiliary more than just occasionally. base, because they are…assembly, Continued on page 76 WORKBENCH, March-April 1987 75 Clamshell router table Top of router table is sink cutout with laminate already attached. As an option, make…

From: Workbench No. 181 (April 1987)
Page 75
Benchtop Router Table

… to build, this router table lets you tackle router jobs you can't do freehand BENCHTOP ROUTER TABLE FENCE/ CLAMP BLOCK - rSIDE VIEW 1-l/8" Mount our router table to a port- …to your stationary workbench. Alwoysdomp the router table to the bench. router can do a lot as a freehand tool, but mounted upside down in a router table it becomes a mini …

From: Workbench No. 193 (April 1989)
Page 68
The Workbench Guide To Routers

router; a sturdy router table is required. If you intend to use a router table, a conventional router is better than a plunge router because it is easier to adjust the cutter depth while the router

From: Workbench No. 193 (April 1989)
Page 62
Overarm Router Fixture

… B. Drill through both pieces, after first shaping piece B. To do this, place your router base (with router removed, of course) on the end of piece B and mark around it. Cut… to match your router base. Now, with the router base on piece B, fit piece A on top so it just contacts the router base. Clamp A and B together and remove the router base. Mark…

From: Workbench No. 167 (December 1984)
Page 128
Router On Radial Arm Saw


From: Workbench No. 163 (April 1984)
Page 79
Router To Shaper Conversion

…when it's not being used. ~ ~16" SCREW HOLES - - - - - - your particular router. To locate the holes, center your router base over the attached metal base, mark through the …ure an easy sliding surface for any work piece. CORNER -,~d ~~SCREW ROUTER BIT METAL PLATE PLYWOOD \ I ROUTER TOP SCREWS BASE Cut the various pieces of plywood to …

From: Workbench No. 162 (February 1984)
Page 104
Art Of The Router

… of scrap under the outboard edge of the router base. 8. Template guides are economical accessories, but important for complete router use. These lock in place. FIG. 4 GUIDE…with dovetail jig. if you follow instructions packaged with it. Jig matches router. FIG. 21 ~ LAMINATE CUITERS ~ FLUSH TRIMMER ~ COMBINATION !FLUSH OR BEVELl ~ BEVEL …

From: Workbench No. 93 (August 1972)
Page 26
Power Router

… is the flat, wide top. This is very handy when changing router bits. Merely flip the router upside down and it sits firmly and solidly, allowing easy bit changing…comfortable-handling hand grips providing for a firm grip and good control. The router will accept all available router accessories, and in our estimate is a fine buy in power tools. See…

From: Workbench No. 93 (August 1972)
Page 62
Router Overarm

…electric available. Model 66G, has 7-hp gas engine with electric start. Coupled with your favorite router and mounted on a drill press or the wall, this overarm unit will offer you a… depth of cut is and stops on table allow accurately controlled. a variety of shapes. Router is centered over table pin for pin routing; jigs are made to hold work.…

From: Workbench No. 98 (June 1973)
Page 8
Makita Plunge Router

…. It compares favorably with Jther routers of similar size and is Jriced considerably lower. Plunge routers are basically the ;arne as regular routers with the ex:eption of the… double-insulated motor. The huge bits (lfz-in. shank) and ample torque make this router a fast and cleancutting machine. We tried it on a variety of materials including oak,…

From: Workbench No. 104 (June 1974)
Page 59
Homemade Router Bits

… . ·- ~-~. Boston, Mass . 02108 .~ ..... . .,,. -~··~· - Enclose 25¢ for Cabot handbook on wood stains. Homemade Router Bits BY R. S. HEDIN You can enjoy the satisfaction of using …fence nade from scrap; watch your fingers! Lc 6. Dowel offset from router bit helps guide curved pieces; make sure dowel is below cutting level of bit. W 0 R K 8 …

From: Workbench No. 108 (February 1975)
Page 54
Dovetail Router Jig

… a jig for creating "false" dovetails that considerably strengthen a miter joint. Besides the router, you will need a 1/2 in. dovetail bit and a 3/4 in. template collar to use… sizes, even fitting one dovetail inside another. Drawing on page 105 Router jig ... Continued from page 104 GLUING CLAMP o/t3 11 /. X RABBET 5/, 11 6 THREADED …

From: Workbench No. 150 (February 1982)
Page 104
Router Techniques

… (collars) space bi away from template, permit shapin: unusual patterns. ROUTER BITS straight rabbeting v- gr oove dovetail chamfer rounding beading cove .,.~ ;-:..-:..-_-:.._.._.._~ ( ~:~3… laminate trimmer temple! guide JOINlS YOU CAN MAKE WITH A ROUTER ~ rabbet ~~..... ~ um: half lap tongue and groove 62.~...~q ~ ~ and rabbet ~~ …

From: Workbench No. 116 (June 1976)
Page 10