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Learn To Use A Wing Router Template

… must be used on the router base. These are metal rings that fit around the router bit, and they come in a number of sizes. Manufacturers of routers sell them for their own … It also is necessary to fasten the "router glide" to the base of the router, as shown in some of the After using several portable routers, we determined that one with at least…

From: Workbench No. 126 (February 1978)
Page 24
Classic Cradle Has Router Shaped Spindles

… half the quality~ half the craftsmanship. half the dependability. half the durability. Classic cradle 1as router-shaped spindles Dick Riley For more information send for our free brochure… Spindles, corner posts and · support posts are square or rectangular, grooved with router for decoration. Craqle is suspended by grooved brass rods that are …

From: Workbench No. 133 (April 1979)
Page 73
Router Jig

… BELTS Adjustable router jig assures perfect circles rhe portable router is unbeatable 'or making circular cuts and this ·adius-adjustable router jig makes .utting perfect circles a snap. Make the jig…to exit. When using the jig, first set the router bit above the surface of the work. Turn the router on and slowly lower the bit into the wood. You …

From: Workbench No. 135 (August 1979)
Page 57
Antique Router Plane

… Darwin S. Knight You'll need a bit of blacksmithing, plus woodworking to make this hand router plane that also once was called "an old woman's tooth." It'$ not just a curiosity, however, …

From: Workbench No. 141 (August 1980)
Page 7
The Portable Router

…We have shown and described just a few of the countless operations possible with a router. It is versatile, time-saving and helps any woodworker produce professional results. !:::,. !:::,. 14…, as for quality drawer construction, is done .with router and aid of dovetail jig. 15. Guide on router bit follows fingers of jig, also called template, …

From: Workbench No. 49 (April 1965)
Page 48
Table For Your Router

…to cut hole to accept the base of your router; router can make opening. 3. U-shape clamp blocks cut from hardwood are used to hold router base firmly in recess cut in the … then add a receptacle and switch. The switch controls the receptacle into which the router is plugged. The router switch is left in the "on" position and the switch in the box …

From: Workbench No. 50 (June 1965)
Page 18
Router Template

… than a minute is required to rout a pattern in a cabinet door with a router and this template. Ideal for small or large cabinet shops, the template should be a good… are attached in moments. Any make of portable router can be used, a "router glide" being included with the template to support the router at the proper height on the template bars. …

From: Workbench No. 47 (December 1964)
Page 59
First Portable Router

… because a specified radius had not been cut on them, patternmaker R. L. Carter invented the portable router. Instead of having seven men work three days with hand tools to do the … the hinges were cut quickly. The tool at this stage was basically the portable router we know today. Motor and housing were threaded for quick and accurate adjustment of…

From: Workbench No. 41 (December 1963)
Page 36
Use-Test: Router Arm

… familiar with the standard router table setup where the router is placed under the table and the bit projects above. With the Router Arm the router is above the work … other fixtures. The entire assembly, including the router, can be purchased from Shopsmith. The router provided is a Ph HP Milwaukee. Any router motor measuring from 3 to 41f2 in. in…

From: Workbench No. 145 (April 1981)
Page 44
Table For Router

…: 13 19) 465-.1270 MONTICELLO, IOWA .123 10 Table for router makes it a shaper Emery J. Loiselle You can use your router like a shaper with the aid of this simple table cut from… can drill and tap one or two holes to accept thumbscrews to hold the router table. If your router is heavy, you may want to stiffen the projecting portion of the table…

From: Workbench No. 144 (February 1981)
Page 126
Five-In-One Router

…at 23,000 r.p.m. This actually is somewhat slower than 2. Chuck is required for holding router bits, and for jig-saw bit, but other attachments simply slip in place, are… N . Y. 6 6 5 . When fitted in table, unit will shape nor• row pieces too awkard to handle with router. Cuts 1Y2 in. high, 3/32 in. deep for jointing. 6. Pin is provided to lock…

From: Workbench No. 26 (June 1961)
Page 42
Portable Router Planers

…cases show brackets for holding various accessories, as we ll as planer attachments . Router-Planers With Stanley plan e set fo r generous cut, roughedge stock is mad e …on Stanley guide, micromete r adjustment permits absolutely accurate positioning of bit in portable router for cabinetwork. ONE OF THE MOST versatile porta ble electric tools in …

From: Workbench No. 21 (August 1960)
Page 32
Picture Frames With Router Bits

…to change stock profile. Straight picture-frame stock is shaped by running it against a router bit, a straight fence to keep it aligned at the proper distance. …already has a straight fence, motor is adjusted on the radial arm to position the router bit in relation to the stock being shaped. UTILITY FLOOR JACK e VERSATILE • STRONG • …

From: Workbench No. 23 (December 1960)
Page 42
Mastering Mortises

… seen on the facing page (Figure a). Then plunge the router until the bit just touches the surface and lock the router in that position. Now lower the stop rod on… thing here is that the centerpoint of the bolts and the router bit form a straight line. !/2” Brad 2"-dia. Hole 7” Router Mounting Screw %/16” Hex Nut %/16” Round-base T-nut 7” %/16” x 3"…

From: Workbench No. 264 (March 2001)
Page 50
Reader's Workshop

…also serves as a cushion, protecting projects from nicks and dings as you work. But if a router mat isn’t handy, chances are you won’t bother using it. That’s what Wayne Horak of…of the workbench with dowels. The first step is to round up material for the router mat. I found rubber carpet backing makes a great pad. It’s sturdy enough to take dayto-…

From: Workbench No. 276 (March 2003)
Page 68
One Bit -- Many Profiles

…cutters three times. INSERT FLUSHTRIM BIT INSERT BEVELTRIM BIT COST COMPARISON NOVA ROUTER BITS VS.STANDARD BITS NOVA SYSTEM (One 3-Insert Kit) ....................$90 Each Additional…’S INSERT-PRO Infinity Cutting Tools recently introduced the Insert-Pro, an interchangeable router bit system for making raised-panel doors. At the heart of the …

From: Workbench No. 293 (February 2006)
Page 78
Take Routing To The Edge

… of this without any fancy guides or jigs. The router itself is all you need. To control the router, you simply use your hands. The bits provide cutting control…the bit controls rabbet width. Adjusting the router controls depth (Inset). ON EDGE With the router base resting on the edge of a board, router adjustment controls rabbet width. The guide …

From: Workbench No. 293 (February 2006)
Page 40
Questions & Answers

… Quick RouteR Maintenance ensuRes Non-Slip Bits Q A Q: keep your router collets and bit shanks clean to ensure a good grip on bits. I’ve been having trouble lately with router bits…hand, and then tighten it with the router wrenches. A half-turn is usually enough to seat the nut. To prevent router bits from slipping, clean the collet with a…

From: Workbench No. 295 (June 2006)
Page 17
Questions & Answers

…edge on your bits with a few passes over a diamond sharpening stone. Q A A: Q: A couple of my router bits are getting pretty dull. Do I need to have them sharpened professionally, or … over a diamond sharpening stone will maintain a sharp cutting edge on most types of router bits. Hold the bit flat against the stone for a consistent edge. Pitch …

From: Workbench No. 296 (August 2006)
Page 14
Tool Close-Up

… it did save a lot of cleanup time. For more information on Bench Dog’s ProMAX router table and all the available accessories, visit BenchDog. com or call 800786-8902. …know that these are standard features of Bench Dog’s new ProMAX Complete router table. Clearly, this is a router table for the serious woodworker. Of course, it comes with a price …

From: Workbench No. 298 (December 2006)
Page 94