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4-In-1 Power Tool Station

… INNER GUIDE TOPS 2 M INNER GUIDE SIDES 2 N INNER GUIDE BACKS 2 HARDWARE LIST: • Router Table Ext. (#23384) * • Router Insert Plate (#s vary) * • Jig Saw Insert Plate (#31985) * • Pocket-Hole Station…800-835-5084). 69 mounting the ROUTER TABLE EXTENSION This router table extension is designed to bolt easily to the side…

From: Workbench No. 294 (April 2006)
Page 68
Tool Close-Up

…then added their own valuable touches. T he new R2930 router combination kit from Ridgid has all the makings of a serious router kit. It boasts a powerful 21⁄4-HP motor with … housing to illuminate the routing path (Photo, above right). The performance of the router is just as impressive as its list of features. The handles provide a natural, …

From: Workbench No. 295 (June 2006)
Page 81
Questions & Answers

… Control use both ports and big hoses to get maximum dust-collection efficiency. Q A A: Q: Q: My router table has a dust port in the fence and another one in the cabinet.When … with a Y-fitting to run a hose to each port. To collect the most dust from a router table, use adapters (right) to connect a pair of 4” hoses (above). The ports on most …

From: Workbench No. 297 (October 2006)
Page 14
Tool Report

router table options, a clamp for all occasions, and a sharpener that gives you the edge. ROUTER TABLE CHOICES — If you’re shopping for your first router table, or maybe just need to replace a benchtop router… to consider two new offerings from Ryobi. Ryobi’s entry-level router table, model A25RT01, features a 28" × 14" tabletop with an adjustable …

From: Workbench No. 302 (August 2007)
Page 90
Ask Workbench

… the setting at 10 degrees or less. HOW TO CHOOSE THE Right Router Q: I’m looking to buy my first router, but the huge selection of types has me stymied.What are …, and what should I look for when I buy? Jason Templeton Monterey, CA FIXED-BASE PLUNGE A: A router is one of the most versatile tools for woodworking and carpentry projects. So when …

From: Workbench No. 307 (June 2008)
Page 12
Diy Tips

…to rout “stopped” cuts like grooves or flutes. One is a straightedge to guide the router in a straight line, and the other is a pair of blocks to start and stop…Block Straightedge (formed from long strip of flooring) NOTE: Use plywood or MDF to support router guide when routing narrow pieces “Start” Block (made from short flooring scrap) BEST TIP…

From: Workbench No. 307 (June 2008)
Page 18
Ask Workbench

…com 13 a w ASK WORKBENCH SIMPLE SWITCH IMPROVES A Router Table Q: I love my new router table, but I hate having to reach under the table to turn the router on and shut it off. There … the outlet, and the router will turn on. Just remember that the router switch will always be turned on. So if you ever remove your router from the table to use …

From: Workbench No. 312 (April 2009)
Page 12
Product News

… - and remains untried by the majority of woodworkers. Well, Sears has a brand new $tfO router-arouter with a 5-1/2-in.-dia. base and had no problem. & Hand Tools Catalog (item no. 25423). …

From: Workbench No. 196 (October 1989)
Page 87