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Router Organizer

…Drawer fronts/backs (4) 53/8" × 107/8" L Door shelf lips (2) 3 /4" × 10" M Divider (1) 6" × 91/4" WORKBENCH PROJECT SUPPLIES Router Organizer A kit has been assembled for this project that includes the … had my routers nesting on the upper shelf and both doors filled with router bits. I also added a few screw hooks to hold the router cords up…

From: Workbench No. 248 (July 1998)
Page 54
Router Bit Basics

… machine precise joiner y quickly and accurately. With the wide range of router bits now offered, router tables also mimic the role that used to belong exclusively to spindle shapers… at higher rpm levels. If you want to use a big bit in a router table, the router motor should have a speed reduction feature. Other specialty cutters are more about …

From: Workbench No. 248 (July 1998)
Page 61
Router Fundamentals

…burn marks where it contacts the workpiece’s edge. (To learn more about router bits, see Router Bit Basics in the July/August 1998 issue.) Even high-quality bits…the machine. ● Always unplug your router before changing bits. ● Grip the router firmly with both hands before switching it on, especially if your router lacks a soft start feature. ● Bring…

From: Workbench No. 254 (July 1999)
Page 62
Plunge Routers

…DeWalt DW621. And if you can own several routers, at least one of them should be the 621. This router is that good. You can’t beat the … 48 WO R K B E N C H ■ M A R C H | A P R I L 2 0 0 1 Turn to Sources and Resources on page 78 to find router accessory dealers. Router Accessories SPIRAL BITS - EDGE GUIDE - I’d have to say that a good edge …

From: Workbench No. 264 (March 2001)
Page 44
Router Table Review

…the individual table reviews. But overall, here are a few things to consider when buying a router table. TOP. A router table top needs to be very flat for the most demanding work, where slight…to you. The first thing to consider is the router you plan to use in your table. If your only router is a 3 HP plunge router, you may find that it won’t fit …

From: Workbench No. 267 (September 2001)
Page 46
Combination Router Kits

Router Kits NLINE 3 Shop-Made Router Tables Router Cabinet PLUS: Bit Basics 5 Router Jigs Plunge Router Review Router Bits & Accessories Never again will you have to ask, “Fixed-base or plunge-base router

From: Workbench No. 271 (May 2002)
Page 30
Precision Router Guide

… Hold router firmly against adjustment block, rout to final width Router Base Slide base of router against adjustment block { STEP 1 Make the first pass with the router against the large guide rail. The space between the router base…

From: Workbench No. 279 (October 2003)
Page 56
Panel-Raising Router Table & More

…square up the shoulders (Inset). panel-raising ROUTER TABLE Not all router tables have big enough openings to accommodate the large router bits used to build raised-panel …Illustration at right — provides the same safety and convenience. Starting Block Detail { Router tables don’t get any simpler than this — a 1/2” plywood table with a large bit …

From: Workbench No. 284 (August 2004)
Page 34
25 Top Router Table Accessories

…features a handy crash bar. .COM 75 the well-equipped router table advanced router ROUTER LIFTS The two most common gripes about router tables are that it’s a pain to change bits and…on page 72 is one example of this. Router Raizer — The Router Raizer (right) can turn just about any plunge router into a router table tool. This “lift kit” works …

From: Workbench No. 285 (October 2004)
Page 72
A Guide To Buying Routers

… what defines the type of router. The Fixed-Base Router —The simplest way to secure the router is with a base that clamps onto the motor.A router equipped this way is… should only be used in a table-mounted router.They’re too hard to control when guiding a router by hand. And because a tablemounted router is essentially a stationary tool, weight and…

From: Workbench No. 292 (December 2005)
Page 40
4 Rules For Router Setup

…2006 MEASURE, THEN MAKE TEST CUTS After mounting a bit in the router, you have to adjust the router to set the bit at the correct cutting depth. And because … the proper feed direction is pretty obvious. With a router, though, this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s possible to move the router along the workpiece in either direction, and there’s …

From: Workbench No. 293 (February 2006)
Page 38
Portable Router "Job Box"

… key. This job box fills the bill with compartmentalized storage to house every router component you need, including a full array of bits. POrTable/hanging 50 WOrkbench augusT 2006 … easily lift it off when you need to take your router to the jobsite (Photo, left). Building the router job box is pretty straightforward, and there are a handful …

From: Workbench No. 296 (August 2006)
Page 50
Tool Test: 10 "Big" Plunge Routers

… come with the Bosch, Porter-Cable, DeWalt, Fein, and Hitachi routers. The Freud and Makita routers each include very good 1⁄2" collets, but both use a reducer sleeve to… opening. Slightly less roomy are the Triton, Porter-Cable, Festool, and Fein routers. Each of these routers has at least a 3"-diameter opening. With the Makita, DeWalt, and Freud…

From: Workbench No. 296 (August 2006)
Page 44
Top Router Table Tips & Tricks

…of the bit. When routing handheld, that means you move the router from left to right. Flip the router upside down in a router table, though, and you need to reverse the feed direction…on the bit to guide the workpiece. 3] Don’t stress the router or bit. On a router table, it’s easy to force the router to bite off more than it can chew by feeding too…

From: Workbench No. 296 (August 2006)
Page 74
5 All New Router Bits

…wall panels for garage storage, equip your router with this slot-wall bit, and use a straightedge to guide the router. router table Flush-Trim/Template Bit By adding an…bottom of the workpiece. And this applies whether you’re using a handheld router or a table-mounted router (see Illustrations, left). Either way, simply adjust the cutting height …

From: Workbench No. 296 (August 2006)
Page 84
Router Table Turning

… spindle — without even using a lathe.All it takes is a router table and a couple of simple shop-made jigs. he router table was the center of attention in our … Use a square to align the guide pin with the cutting edges of the router bit. WO R K B E N C H ■ D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 2 41 Groove Stop 3 { Position the stop to allow about 1/4" depth …

From: Workbench No. 274 (November 2002)
Page 40
Trim-Router Jig For Accurate Edging

…Detail { For accurate flush-trimming, a wide wood base and rigid phenolic plate hold a trim router and bit square to the edging. EXPLODED VIEW 28 WO R K B E N C H ■ DECEMBER 2004 TIPS … on top to ease the sharp edges. Attach Trim Router — All that’s left is to attach the trim router to the base. It’s secured with hanger bolts, a lock nut…

From: Workbench No. 286 (December 2004)
Page 28
Router Mortising Jig

… of phenolic (a hard, durable plastic) that mounts to the plunge router in place of the standard router sub-base. It has two slots that allow the …router.Your mounting plate may have different dimensions based on the router you use.) When marking (and then drilling) this mounting plate to fit your existing plunge router,it’s best to use the router

From: Workbench No. 288 (April 2005)
Page 40
Cmt 3d Router Carver System

… add carved details to projects without the learning curve.All you need is a plunge router with a 1/2" collet and a few minutes to learn the process. It really is as simple … Guide Depth Collar ConeShaped Guide Then, with the carving bit chucked in your plunge router and the plunge mechanism unlocked, simply let the guide trace the openings in the …

From: Workbench No. 289 (June 2005)
Page 86
"Joint" Boards With A Router

… have a jointer, there’s still an easy way to do it: Use a straightedge and a handheld router equipped with a flush-trim bit. Setup — For a straightedge, the factory edge of a long … the edge of a board for ripping. All it takes is a long straightedge and a router with a flush-trim bit. > VThe board needs to protrude past the straightedge by …

From: Workbench No. 290 (August 2005)
Page 30